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Jiangsu Dongli ultrafine powder Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sale of subnanometer calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, talcum powder and silicon powder powder. Our powder products cover a wide range, from automobile tires, coating industry, small household electrical appliance coatings, shoe materials, decorative materials, wire and cable, etc., all the products are full of full range. It is designed for all kinds of industries and customers. Pragmatism, integrity, stability, innovation, and adherence to the values of the Dongli people, we have our own production base and R & D center, so we can completely control the quality of our products. Our success lies in striving to achieve breakthroughs in innovation, developing more and better products to meet market demand.

- Loyalty: This is the first standard of entry into the Dongli company, and the most valuable professional quality. It is also the most important character to ensure the continuous and healthy development of the company's strategy and the personal career of the employees. The company requires employees to be loyal to their profession, loyalty to the company, loyalty to their customers and loyalty to their families. At the same time, the company is also loyal to the employees, concerned with the fundamental interests of the employees in the company, to the employees' 'raise' and 'nurseries', to help them improve their abilities, mental changes and personal growth.
- Professional: professional is strength, Dongli company will hire industry elite every year to carry out technical exchange meeting, and every year will also pay attention to talent selection. Specialty is the key support for Dongli company and its employees in the market. Professionalism, which is embodied in the post competence, is more professional. We believe that the standard of professional judgement is "first virtue, then talent".
- Endeavour: the industrial industry is renovating the iterations. The companies and individuals who are truly persistent and danced with the market, and continue to forge ahead have sustained strong market vitality. The company takes the endeavour as the base, is down to the ground, and looks forward to the progress of the staff at the grass-roots level; it is expected that the middle managers will continue to accomplish their goals; the senior managers are expected to achieve the creation from scratch.
- Happiness: positive and positive are the basic characteristics of employees. At the same time, happiness is the key goal of Dongli development. When a person is pursuing, hard work is also joyful, because he is full of hope for the future. The company hopes that through unremitting efforts to achieve the happiness of both sides, the company will become a platform for employees to realize their dreams.

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