products of dongli


Integrated r&d, production and sales of ultra-fine calcium carbonate, talc powder, barium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide in one of the taiwan-owned enterprises

Production process


Study of the quality of the products constantly and innovation, set up the staff fully uphold the concept of quality control in the work, factory work processes to ISO9001:2015 management system on the basis of the specification, our guidelines, low carbon environmental protection, reduce loss, improve the productivity, produce competitive products.

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Quality control

The determination of way

Particle size distribution:It was determined by the Mastersizer laser particle size analyzer of Malvern company.

The average particle size:The median particle size distribution was calculated by laser particle size analyzer.

Specific surface area:Converted from the mean particle size in terms of the relative area of 1g powder. 2 microns (m): cumulative percentage of powder with a diameter of less than 2 m(including 2 m).

325 mesh residue:The 1000g sample was filtered in 325 sieve mesh by wet method to calculate the residual ratio.

The proportion of false:The measured value of 50g samples dropped 150 times from 5cm height in a graduated measuring cylinder of 100c.c.

whiteness:The parameters L, a and b of HunterLab color system were used for calculation.wh=[100-(100-L)2+a2+b2]1/2

The moisture:5g samples were measured by the water analyzer and measured at 105 degrees centigrade for 6 minutes.

Company profile


The whole factory strictly follows iso9001:2015 management system. Clean and tidy environment, absorb first-class talents, fast, accurate, good! Witness the productivity of companies that are super-efficient.