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Production process

The art lacquer products developed by Cole are in the middle and high position in the art painting industry. The main service of the coloured people is the person who has a certain taste and pursuit of life. For family villa, a person with a certain level of knowledge or a villa owner who studied in Europe and America.

1, technology first class, effect guarantee

Cai Kou chief technician Wu Qingtao teacher, is the chief disciple of American Modernmaster Lori Modern Masters Inc, to maintain long-term technical cooperation with Lori, to develop new products, participate in the international exhibition of art paint technology, China art paint products always lead the market trend. So the owner does not have to worry about the overall effect of the product.

2. Although the price is high, it is worth a lot of money.

At present, coloured products are mainly used in villas, hotels, large exhibition halls and so on. From the price of 100-1000 yuan, the product line is rich. Fully meet the needs of the owners and designers. Provide the perfect solution for the art paint for the owner. The raw materials used by Kou color are all imported from Holland. The price of domestic products is very low, the effect is not good, the color is not correct, the technique is poor, and the whole effect is affected finally.